2009 GP
Gölden Palace is a punk rock band from Charleston, South Carolina (USA) with glam, ska and classic rock influences.  

The story of Gölden Palace ultimately begins in 2001 with a punk rock band called 5th March.  Alex Goss, Joseph Kimbrell and Johnny Emmel, together as 5th March, performed countless concerts around the Charleston area during their years in high school. They personified the punk rock DIY ethos by diligently setting up nearly everything themselves, thus attracting and sharing the stage with bands such as Steve Hit Mike, The Berlin Project, Punchline, Sloppy Meateaters, East Arcadia, The Busdrivers, Alli With an I and Gunmoll, among others.  The band enjoyed steadfast local popularity, but due to Alex deciding to go away for college, the band broke up upon high school graduation in 2003.

Pre-Golden Palace - 5th March playing live in 2002

Fresh into their first year of college, bored from being band-less for the first time in years, Johnny (drums) and Joseph (bass) joined another local punk band called Rosemont.  In the meantime, Joseph had begun songwriting and learning guitar in his dorm room in his downtime. The two began practicing these new songs together before and after Rosemont practice, and soon freshman year, Alex announced he would return to Charleston. With Alex back, he and Joseph began writing new songs together and planning what would end up becoming not another 5th March, but a completely new band. Resignation from Rosemont soon followed.

Fueled by a love of punk rock, skateboarding, beach music, hair metal, and vodka, Gölden Palace was formed in the summer of 2004 with Alex Goss on vocals and guitar, Joseph Kimbrell on guitar, Johnny Emmel on drums, and Graham Spees on bass. The newly formed four-piece hit Charleston furiously and quickly gained more traction than ever before. Reminiscent of bands like Thin Lizzy, NOFX, Goldfinger, Less Than Jake, and even a hint of Motley Crue and the Rolling Stones, Gölden Palace made it clear that it was time blur boundaries and give a new energy to the sceneIn late 2004, GP entered the studio with producer Dwayne Greenhill to record their debut album "A Little Rock N' Roll," 10 songs which absolutely personify the band's personality and attitude during this era: Four carefree surfer dudes who all lived together in a crappy apartment, living in the immediate moment, and born to rock.

Early Golden Palace - Live in 2004

In 2007, the band took a one-year hiatus while Joseph attended Full Sail University in Florida for audio recording.  When he returned in 2008, the band re-grouped, added lead guitarist Andy Adkins, and hit Charleston with a new energy, nearly selling out venues all over the city.  Eager to release new material, the band began recording new songs with Joseph recording and producing, but the project was abruptly shelved in late 2009 due to Joseph's announcement that he would be moving to Europe.

In January 2010 Joseph moved to Norway indefinitely. During this time he began making a name as a singer and songwriter, fronting the hair-metal band SEKS in 2011 and then launching a solo career in 2013 under the name Vitne. His music has gone on to receive multiple awards and airplay across the globe. The rest of the Gölden Palace members also stayed busy: Alex, Johnny and Andy formed a new band of their own called Savage Tongues, releasing 2 full-length albums to critical acclaim.

In 2015 Gölden Palace broke the hiatus and reunited to a sold-out reunion concert in Charleston, celebrating their 11th anniversary as a band. In addition, the band released a newly remastered 10th anniversary edition of their debut album A Little Rock N' Roll on CD and digitally, as well as a brand new EP Touch Me There, featuring 7 songs from their previously shelved 2009 sessions. Touch Me There is a unique look back at Golden Palace: Mixed in 2009, but never mastered until 2015, the record has a dated, yet new feeling. The band recently released a brand new self-titled album Gölden Palace.

From the Golden Palace reunion concert July 2015

Joseph (left) and Alex (right) - Reunion concert, July 2015